Mammothon FAQ

What is Mammothon?

Mammothon is a breast screening marathon to encourage as many women as possible to get up-to-date on their breast screening by booking and completing a mammogram. This large-scale regional campaign helps address common barriers women experience towards regular cancer screening, including: fear, embarrassment, limited time, and lack of awareness.

When is Mammothon?

Mammothon has previously taken place in May, but this year it takes place in October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as a way to get mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, friends, and coworkers screened for breast cancer.

Where is Mammothon happening?

Since 2013, Mammothon has grown exponentially across the province of Ontario. In 2016, nearly 55 Ontario Breast Screening Program sites from Niagara Falls to Thunder Bay participated in Mammothon. Check back frequently for updates on locations nearest you.

Who can get a mammogram during Mammothon?

Women 50 to 74 should be screened for breast cancer every two years with a mammogram. Women who have not had their mammogram within the last two years are encouraged to get up to date by participating in Mammothon. *Note* Women who are unable to attend Mammothon are encouraged to book a mammogram at another convenient time.

How do women book a mammogram during Mammothon?

Women can self-refer and book their own appointment for Mammothon – No doctor referral is required!

Share a cup of tea with a woman you care about and ask her to book a mammogram for herself

  • Talk about getting checked for breast cancer, even if she has no symptoms.
  • Ask her to speak to her doctor about cancer screening options.
  • Get her to book a mammogram directly by calling 1-800-668-9304 (no doctor referral required).